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Anand Pathak was a political leader from Darjeeling Hills. He was affiliated with the Communist Party of India РMarxists (CPIM). As a young man he had come under the influence of a prominent CPIM leader from the hills РRatanlal Brahmin popularly known as Maila Bajee. Pathak rose up in the rank of the party and was elected as the Member of Parliament from Darjeeling Constituency. In 1985, he introduced a private Bill calling for Autonomous Self Government in Darjeeling Hills under the Sixth Schedule model  of the Constitution.  (Pg 185, Emancipating Cultural Pluralism, Cris E. Toffolo).

Pathak died in 2014. His son Suraj Pathak is also a prominent CPIM leader from Darjeeling Hills. He too was Member of Parliament.

A photo of Anand Pathak flanked by the CPIM party flags at the party office in Darjeeling during the observance of his 3rd Death Anniversary. Photo by Pravin Thami. Copyright (c) Gorkhapedia

Cris E. Toffolo, Emancipating Cultural Pluralism, SUNY Press, 2012, ISBN 0791487490, 9780791487495


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